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The sixth grade science curriculum is an integrated curriculum that will primarily focus on earth science. The seventh grade science curriculum will focus on life science. The eighth grade science class will focus on physical science (physics and chemistry) for the entire school year. 


6th Grade Science - Integrated Science

  • The Scientific Method

  • Unit One: Earth Science

    • Weathering and Soil Formation

    • The Flow of Water

    • Erosion and Deposition

  • Unit Two: Weather, Climate, and Space

    • The Atmosphere

    • Understanding Weather

    • Climate

    • The Solar System 

  • Unit Three: Physical Science

    • Properties and States of Matter 

    • Work and Machines 

  • Unit Four: Life Science 

    • What is Life?

    • Classifying Life 

7th Grade Science - Biology

  • Unit One: Life - Structure and Function

    • What is Life?

    • Cell Structure and Function

    • Cellular Organization and Reproduction

    • Mendelian Genetics

    • Changes Over Time  

    • The Human Reproductive System

  • Unit Two: Bacteria and Plants

    • Bacteria and Viruses

    • Plant Diversity

    • Plant Processes and Reproduction

  • Unit Three: Animals

    • Animal Diversity

    • Animal Structure and Function

    • Animal Behavior and Reproduction

  • Unit Four: Ecology

    • Matter and Energy in the Environment

    • Using Natural Resources​​

8th Grade Science - Physics and Chemistry 

  • Unit One: Physics

    • Describing Motion

    • The Laws of Motion

    • Sound 

    • Light 

    • States of Matter

  • Unit Two: Chemistry

    • Foundations of Chemistry

    • Understanding The Atom and The Periodic Table

    • Elements and Chemical Bonds

    • Chemical Reactions and Equations

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