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Classroom Rules 

1. Respect yourself, your peers, your teacher, and surroundings,

2. Raise your hand silently to speak.

3. Follow all directions quickly the first time they are given. 

Above all, we will act in the way that Jesus did and love one another. 

It is expected that every student that enters the classroom knows and follows the rules. These rules are put in place in order to establish a positive learning environment for all students. 

Check Marks

Students will receive a check mark any time he or she breaks any of the classroom rules and or forgets to do his or her homework. The following system will be in place on a daily basis. 

1 Check - Warning

2 Checks - Lunch Detention

3 Checks - Lunch Detention and Note Home

4 Checks - Detention After School

3 Checks in a Week - Lunch Detention 

Student's may receive a lunch or after school detention without receiving all checks at the teacher's discretion based on the severity of the incident. 

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