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Homework Policy

Doing Homework

All of Mr. Kelsch’s classes will be following the homework policy outlined below for the 2019-2020 school year. Each student is given an assignment notebook and it is his or her responsibility to record homework assignments in the assignment notebook. It is expected that all students complete every homework assignment on time and to the best of their abilities.

  • Types of Homework

    • Bookwork (Science)

      • Students will be responsible for completing the end of section questions to turn in for a grade at the conclusion of each section. 

    • Interactive Science Notebooks​

      • All science classes will be using interactive science notebooks this year. Students may occasionally have activities to either prepare for or to finish in their interactive science notebooks for homework. ​

    • Bookwork and Worksheets (Math)​

      • 7th and 8th grade students should expect to have math homework almost every night of the week. The homework will be checked in class the following day for completion and we will go over the answers as a class. The students will then be given a worksheet that will be turned in and graded for accuracy.  ​

    • Reading

      • There will be times when students are assigned reading to do for homework. Students are expected to thoroughly read the assigned sections and be prepared to discuss the information the following school day. This becomes especially important when assigned to read a lab instruction sheet the night before a lab so that we have maximum class time to complete said lab. 

    • Lab Reports 

      • As mentioned above, students will occasionally be assigned to read a lab instruction sheet for homework. It is expected that the students come into class the next day with a clear understanding of the lab expectations and prepared to ask questions if there was anything they don’t understand. After the completion of the lab, there will be post-lab questions for the students to complete. I will try my best to allow class time to complete these but due to the long nature of some labs, I can not guarantee class time to work on post-labs. Post-lab questions will typically be due 2-3 days after the completion of the lab.

    • Studying

      • It is very important that students are reviewing class materials every night. Tests will be announced 3-5 days in advance in order that students have ample time to study. Quizzes may be announced or unannounced, however if they are unannounced I will usually give strong hints the day before the unannounced quiz.

  • Late Homework

    • Turning in homework late will result in a checkmark. Homework will be accepted late with a grade penalty. For each day the assignment is late, 10 percentage points will be deducted from the overall homework grade. For example, if the original grade of the assignment was a 93%, the grade after turning it in late one day will be an 83%, then a 73% on the second day, etc.

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